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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Written by Dr Matthew Anderson Counsellor

The words, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” are from the time when I was a child and even then, I knew it was a lie. I knew that words could hurt and cut me far deeper than sticks and stones. I discovered very quickly that words could make me happy, frightened, sad or incredibly excited. They could give me a reason to live and on more than one occasion, a desire to end it all. I have always known that words have immense power and I have often wondered why so many intelligent people live their lives as if this was not an obvious daily fact.

But the truth is many of us live and speak as if our words are throwaway noises that pour from our mouths hundreds of times a day with little meaning, on to our listeners, including ourselves. Somehow, we fail to notice how our utterances lighten or darken a room or a face; how our simple yes and no, bless or burden our loved ones, our co-workers and even the passing stranger.

“How would you speak if you believed that your words mattered?”

How many of us have waited, hearts aching, for years to hear three small words from a withholding parent? Then suddenly being soul touched when they reached our begging ears. The words, ‘I love you.’

Yes, words matter. Yes, words have power and yes, words can transform lives. Anyone who lives as if this is not so, is one who has either become soul-deaf or has been tragically convinced that her or his voice and their very existence does not count.

Therefore, I agree with James Hillman, Jungian analyst and author of the book, A Blue Fire, when he coined the phrase ‘angelology of words’ and made the following statement.

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‘A new angelology of words is needed…angel means ‘emissary’ or ‘message bearer’… we need to recall the angel aspect of the word, recognizing words as independent carriers of soul between people…words, like angels, are powers which have invisible power over us. What a miracle it is to find the right words, words that carry the soul accurately, where thought, image and feeling interweave. Then we realize that soul can be made on the spot, simply through speech.’

What then, my friends, would occur if you held each of your verbal expressions as a potential sacred agent of soul-making? What would you say and how would you speak if you believed that your words mattered? Would you speak more of love or forgiveness and joy and meaning? Would you resist the urge to utter words of hate and hurt, gossip and cynicism? Do you understand the immense power of your words?

What if you lived moment to moment with the awareness that angels burst forth from your mouth with every word? These winged messengers of sound that rush out to touch and transform every listener. What words would you want these blessed angels to say when they share their words with your world?

Author of this article:

Dr Matthew Anderson has a Doctor of Ministry specialising in counselling. He has extensive training and experience in Gestalt and Jungian Psychology and has helped many people successfully navigate relationship issues.  Dr Anderson has a best-selling book, ‘The Resurrection of Romance’ and he may be contacted via his website.

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