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Take Responsibility For Your Dating Success

Take Responsibility For Your Dating Success

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Get Strategic: Take Responsibility For Your Dating Success  written by Melanie Schilling

You need to take responsibility for your dating and the following YouTube video provides the necessary background.  So, the take-away message here is get strategic!

In Issue 1, 2 & 3 of Great Health Guidetm, I discussed important points in my three articles about Dating Yourself, Positive Dating Mindset and Personal Dating Brand. It’s time to apply the lessons from these articles and convert them into action.

When you decide to date strategically you start to play a ‘quality’ game rather than the frustrating numbers game or ‘quantity’ game of dating. Once you have defined your own dating brand ‘who am I’ and clarified your dating niche ‘who and where is he’, then you start fishing in a much smaller dating pool. And this is a GOOD THING.

Your mission becomes about screening potential dates against your own criteria, rather than simply responding to the men who show interest in you. You become empowered, have a greater sense of control over the process and have more fun.

How can I assist you?

If you are ready to step into your dating spotlight with a strategic, confident approach but are not sure how, join me in my DATEready Program. I will hold your hand (in the virtual, online sense) as you step through each stage of the strategic dating process and guide you toward the best version of yourself. You will move from ‘date-less’ to ‘date-ready’ and notice your dating confidence sky-rocket. Learn more about the program from my website.  Happy dating!

Author of this article:
Melanie Schilling has a presence as a dating coach in the Australian media and is known for her informative, yet fun and energetic approach. She is a regular contributor to Channel 10’s The Project, Studio 10 and The Circle, Channel 9’s Today Show and Mornings, and a range of online and print publications.
Melanie is a registered psychologist and personal coach with over 15 years’ experience in both the corporate and therapeutic arenas. She has chosen to specialise as a dating and relationship coach for professional women. She offers individual coaching, workshops, retreats and online coaching programs. Not only does she offer her professional expertise, but also a strong personal connection to her work. In 2013 Melanie became the first Australian to become accredited by the International Dating Coaching Association (IDCA) in New York, USA and in 2014, she was appointed the Dating and Relationship Expert for eHarmony Australia.  www.melanieschilling.com

This article is taken from Issue 4 of our magazine. Issues 1, 2 and 3 are also available through the App store and Google Play store. Please subscribe to the Great Health Guide magazine – (subscription FREE for limited time only)
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