RELATIONSHIPS: Who Are You Born To Be? | Great Health Guide
RELATIONSHIPS: Who Are You Born To Be?

RELATIONSHIPS: Who Are You Born To Be?

‘Who Are You Born To Be?’ written by Dr Matthew Anderson and published in Great Health Guide (November 2017). Do you feel that you’re meant to be in a different career, a different relationship or maybe even a different life? Are you waiting to unleash your true potential to be who you really are? Don’t undervalue yourself and be content that this is the best that life can offer. Take that step and make that change today. To find out your life’s true purpose, read this fantastic article by Dr. Matthew Anderson. 
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RELATIONSHIPS: Who Are You Born To Be?

written by Dr Matthew Anderson

When Michelangelo, the greatest sculptor of all time was asked, how he could have possibly created his massive and magnificent 17-foot-tall sculpture of David out of an immense block of marble he answered, ‘I simply chipped away everything that was not David’.

What could this simple sentence mean for your life? It has the potential to awaken you to the true work of art that is your own essential self. You have a magnificent David, or Janice, or Susan, or Bob or (your own name) in you…if you will simply chip away everything that is not really you. The trouble is many of us identify with the chips rather than the work of art. And this is not a trivial trouble. It is trouble that shapes, defines and ultimately limits every single aspect of your life. When identifying with the chips, they can dictate who you marry, how much money you make, what work you do and how you really feel about yourself.

Our self-image is extremely important. It is crucial to how we see our possibilities and options in life. 

Some examples are:

  • If you have a very high IQ but see yourself as average intelligence, you will not follow a career path that is unworthy of you.

  • If you see yourself as unlovable, you will find relationship partners that treat you that way.

  • If you have wonderful creative talents but see yourself as the ‘loser’ your father thought you were, then you will never be the artist you were born to be.

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Look to your right…

These are only a few examples of identifying with our flaws instead of a work of art. 

Therefore, each of us would do well to take the time and effort to re-evaluate who we think we are and who we were born to be. In fact, each person is born with a particular purpose and a variety of gifts that support it. Each of us is a work of art that begs to be discovered and displayed. Once this occurs we can make our own special contribution to this world. Remember there are no throw-away individuals. Every one of us has value and usefulness and we are each unique and special. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you believe that you are a wonderful work of art?

2. Do you identify with the chips and flaws in the art?

3. How would your life change if you accepted your true artful being?

4. Are you aware of your life purpose and the gifts that support it?

Just remember that you were born for a purpose and you have been given gifts and talents to support that purpose. Do not stop until you know that purpose and accept your gifts. No other task in your life is more important or more meaningful.

Author of this article:
Dr Matthew Anderson, Doctor of Ministry specializes in counselling. He has extensive training and experience in Gestalt and Jungian Psychology and has helped many people successfully navigate relationship issues. Dr Anderson has a best-selling book, ‘The Resurrection of Romance’ and he may be contacted via his website.

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