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RELATIONSHIPS: To Create a Great Life

RELATIONSHIPS: To Create a Great Life

‘To Create a Great Life’ written by Dr Matthew Anderson and published in Great Health Guide (July 2017). Are you truly happy? Do you feel that you are living your best life? If not, are you allowing the fear of uncertainty overrule your own happiness? In this fantastic article, relationship counsellor Dr Matthew Anderson encourages everyone to live their best life.  He shares how to achieve this by overcoming fears of uncertainty leading to live a life that is full and without regrets.  
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RELATIONSHIPS: To Create a Great Life

written by Dr Matthew Anderson

I am convinced that most people live their lives barely, sporadically, piecemeal, partially and for the most part unaware of the incredible gift they have been given. Instead they are carried and defined by the rules, regulations and rituals of others who are themselves unconscious of the real forces that drive their beliefs and decisions. Only briefly and in unusual circumstances do they experience an opening through which they see the true colors of life or the immense potential that exists in their own hearts. 

Bodies move and responsibilities are met. Work is done, children are born and the cycle continues but in the midst of this, very little living occurs. Very few love until it hurts, cry until they sob, laugh until they fall down and sing and dance until every onlooker is caught up in the music. 

What a strange question and so tragic that it must be asked. Why are we all so fearful of opening ourselves to the magnificence of this life? There are some answers that make a certain sense. We fear being overwhelmed or hurt, yes and we also fear being overcome by joy but somehow, to me, these answers are not enough. They only leave me stuck in the fear and certainly not closer to being more fully alive. 

I have asked, ‘why are we all so afraid to live?’ for the better part of 50 years and have found at least as many answers as years but none satisfies, not one. And so, I have decided to stop asking. I don’t care anymore. Why are so many of us afraid of living? I refuse to waste even a brief but precious second searching for an explanation. Instead, I have decided to live…to live as fully and completely in this moment, right now, as I can and trust that this living will be an answer in itself.

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Look to your right…

Now I have new questions and they are not about fear. They are about being alive. 

Am I living right now? Am I loving right now? Am I present right now? Am I sharing right now? Am I participating right now? Am I creating right now? Am I listening right now? Am I responding right now? Am I feeling right now? Am I grateful right now? 

There is only one answer to each and every question that is acceptable to me now.

• I do not have the time for anything less than YES!

• I have no time left to kill or waste or pass.

• I have no space for NO and no desire to hide from wonder or from pain.

• I am resolved to live until I am dead and not die one single moment before my last breath.

• I have only one response to this life, whatever it is or will be…YES!


Author of this article:
Melanie Schilling is a psychologist and dating coach, regularly contributing to Channel 10, Channel 9, print and online publications. In 2014, Melanie was appointed Dating and Relationship Expert for eHarmony, Australia & has worked across the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern Regions. Melanie may be contacted via her website.

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