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RELATIONSHIPS: Personal Dating Brand

RELATIONSHIPS: Personal Dating Brand

‘Personal Dating Brand’ written by Melanie Schilling and published in Great Health Guide (August 2017). What is personal branding? It is how you present yourself in this world and also the way people perceive you. Personal branding is not just limited to the rich and famous but also something that you use in normal everyday life such as business life. So if you are dating why not also apply this to your dating life? You may not be able to control the way people perceive you but you can certainly make a positive and confident approach to your future partner. In this fantastic article, psychologist Melanie Schilling shares her tips about personal branding, how you can define your own personal brand and apply it to your dating life.
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RELATIONSHIPS: Personal Dating Brand

written by Melanie Schilling

What do Lady Gaga, Sarina Williams and Will Smith have in common?

Apart from being high profile individuals, they all have clearly defined personal brands. Love them or loathe them, you probably have an opinion about each of these people. They know who they are and they are forthright in communicating their messages to the world.

Personal branding has become a popular area of focus in our careers and business life, but what about our dating life? There is a fantastic opportunity here to learn from (some) celebrities and high-profile business people and apply this to the way we operate in our personal lives


Your brand is made up of two components:

1. The way to present yourself to the world.

2. The way others perceive you.

Whilst you have no control over how people perceive you, you certainly can have influence over the way you look, act, communicate and behave in your dating life.

Whether we chose to or not, we are constantly communicating our brand to the world. When this is an unconscious thing, we can be unaware of the messages that we are sending or the way others are perceiving us. This can be potentially disastrous on a date. With a big dose of self-awareness and these two simple steps, you can become conscious about your brand and have more influence over the way others see you

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Look to your right…


It’s important to become very clear about who you are. Asimple way to define and remember, the essence of your personal brand is to apply this 3-word formula:

  1. First word is your highest value, e.g. honesty

  2. Secondwordis your lifestyle preference, e.g. adventurous

  3. Third word is your personality style, e.g. outgoing

Let’s apply this to Lady Gaga. She may have a 3-word brand that looks something like this: equality, busy, spontaneous. Sarina Williams may be something like: health, active, assertive. To apply this formula to yourself, use these question as a guide:

  • Value – what is the most important thing to you in the world? If this thing was missing, life would be meaningless. This is the thing that defines who you are and underpins everything you do in life.

  • Lifestyle – how would you describe the way you like to live? Are you a home-body, a world traveller, a hard-worker?

  • Personality – what type of personality do you have? Are you outgoing, shy, friendly. funny? Be sure to choose a word that reflects your strengths rather than weaknesses.


Once you are clear on the definition of your personal brand, there are three key ways to communicate this to the dating world.

I. Written.

Your online profiles and social media accounts are the perfect places to reflect your 3-word brand. Find a way to weave your 3 words into your profile and notice what happens. You can also align your emails and instant messaging with your brand to ensure you are sending consistent messages.

II. Verbal.

When speaking with dates on the phone and in person, remember who you are and the way you want to be perceived. It’s a good idea to think about a story from your life that demonstrates each of your 3 words. If you can tell each of these stories on a date, you’ll be confident that you have shown the best version of yourself.

III. Non-verbal.

This one is a bit harder to manage as most of our non-verbal communication happens unconsciously. However, with a little practice and some feedback from a trusted friend, you can start to become more aware of the messages you are sending non-verbally. Research suggests that up to 90% of our messages are communicated non-verbally so it’s important to make sure your body language is consistent with your brand. For instance, if your highest value is honesty or openness, but you are demonstrating closed or defensive body language, you may be sending inconsistent messages.

It’s a good idea to practice communicating your3-wordbrandin ‘low stakes environments’ such as dinner with close friends or family. This way, it will be safe to make mistakes and hopefully, they will give you some honest feedback.


We are all human and don’t always behave in consistent ways. It’s very common to make branding blunders or to do or say something that sends the wrong message. The good news is you can recover! It’s not about the mistake you make, but how you manage the aftermath. The best advice is to recognise in a direct and honest fashion your mistake and to show some integrity and humility.

Author of this article:
Melanie Schilling is a psychologist and dating coach, regularly contributing to Channel 10, Channel 9, print and online publications. In 2014, Melanie was appointed Dating and Relationship Expert for eHarmony, Australia & has worked across the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern Regions. Melanie may be contacted via her website.

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