Partnering with Great Health Guide

Great Health Guide is a magazine designed for all women.

Please let me know what you want to hear about in Great Health GuideTM.

Our vision is to stand for women. We exist to champion the health and wellbeing of women without placing any emphasis on body-image. In everything, we aim to inspire and empower women. our fight is against the ‘perfect body image’ & associate diets offering the hope of happiness through being thin.


  • We stand for young women and state their true value … “you are more than your body”.

  • We believe that there is more to life than simply optimum health alone.

  • We believe that every woman offers value and a unique purpose to their world in which they live.

  • We aim to build and inspire women to impact their world.


If you/your business/company aligns with these values then we would love to hear from you. Great Health Guide continues to form strategic partnerships with selected organisations, providing mutual benefit for both companies and also their consumers. If you are a writer and would like to submit an article into Great Health Guide, please refer to the attached documents: