‘Water & Hydration’ by Justyna Kalka published in Great Health Guide (March 2017). Staying hydrated is vital to maintaining great health. Use these tips to determine if you’re body is suffering from dehydration. Remember your body needs water!   
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NUTRITION: Water & Hydration

written by Justyna Kalka

Great health and longevity is our desire, however most of us take very little action which would help fulfill the achievement of optimum health. Our bodies are intricate machines of magnificent design and experts agree that nourishing the body with the proper fuel greatly increases our chances of good health and helps ward off disease.

In addition to a balanced diet however, there is one more important piece of the health puzzle that we must remember if we want to thrive: the body needs water!

Detox is the trendy buzzword of the moment, we are told that we must spring clean our bodies and detoxify if we are to be healthy. In fact, our bodies are successfully detoxifying 24/7 through the liver and kidneys without us even thinking about it. However, there is only one thing our body asks of us to perform the impressive function of detoxifying and elimination… you guessed it, it’s drink water! So grab a glass of water and help your body clean out your system of all the wastes and toxins.


Since the human body comprises 66% water, including your blood, intracellular and extracellular fluids, it is no surprise that it is absolutely essential to hydrate well every day. Every single bodily function needs water. The health and functioning of all organ systems within your body rely closely on proper hydration. Consider your digestive system for example, if you find yourself dehydrated, you probably will suffer constipation and your gastro intestinal tract will have a hard time absorbing and assimilating the nutrients from your diet. Thus all your efforts to improve your eating habits are wasted if you don’t top up your water intake as well.

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1. Being thirsty:

Studies show that most of us are frequently dehydrated. Chronic states of dehydration have been linked to most major diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Every time you wait until the strong sensation of thirst kicks in, before you ever reach for a glass of water, you allow your body to dehydrate. Thirst is your body’s way of telling you that you have now reached a state of dehydration. So take a drink of water before you reach that point. Make a habit of

topping up your glass at home or at your work desk and watch your energy levels skyrocket. Your mental function and clarity of thought also improve dramatically when you are well hydrated.

2. Urine quantity, quality & color:

The urine is a vital indicator of dehydration. In a healthy person, if you pass urine less than twice a day, then it is likely that your water intake is too low. Another simple way to tell how well you are hydrated, is to pay attention to your urine quality. Healthy urine is clear and odorless. If your urine tends to be dark yellow with a strong odor, that’s your sign to increase water intake. There are two exceptions to that statement. Firstly, urine passed upon rising in the morning, is naturally darker because your body has been working hard at detoxification while you were asleep. It is an excellent habit to drink a big glass of water upon rising. The second exception, is that if taking supplements that contain B vitamins, your urine will be a bright yellow color and that’s totally normal.


As a little warning, when you first start to increase your water intake, it is normal to feel as if you need to visit the toilet every 5 minutes! Stay with it, however, it takes 2 to 3 weeks on average for your kidneys and urinary system to adjust to the increased amount of available fluid. The need will soon subside but the numerous health benefits of good hydration habits will remain.

Author of this article:
Justyna Kalka is a qualified nutritionist for Zac Australia. She is devoted to educating others about the true vitality that comes from a careful balance of real food, the right mind set, healthy exercise and the importance of proper nourishment for growth and development. She is a professional speaker & health educator.

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