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MINDSET: Truth Never Lies

MINDSET: Truth Never Lies

‘Truth Never Lies’ by Terry Sidford published in Great Health Guide (Aug 2016). What is the truth? What is your interpretation of the truth? Truth can be your inner wisdom, God, intuition, universal truth, laws of the universe and more. Truth never changes. It is consistent. It never lies. Read more from Terry to discover what truth can mean to you.
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MINDSET: Truth Never Lies

written by Terry Sidford

As  American actress and singer Pearl Bailey once said, ’You never find yourself until you face the truth.’ But what is the truth? And how does one do that exactly? And why am I discussing this now? 

I was inspired to write about ‘truth’ because it recently became the topic of conversation not only in my own professional practice, but also in my personal work as well. I realize that I use truth as a guiding light for myself and my clients. 

Truth can be your inner wisdom, god, intuition, spirit, universal truth, laws of the universe and more. There are truths in this world that most people of all walks of life can agree on. Truth will always be there. The challenge is knowing that it is there for us and how to access it. If we take the time to quiet our minds and be still, meditate, pray, or just be in nature and listen, we can access our truth to any question.

As acclaimed author Michael Levy says, ‘You can bend it and twist it…You can misuse and abuse it…But God (higher power, spirit or inner wisdom) cannot change the Truth.’ 

I see my clients as creative, resourceful and whole. They do not always need all the answers. As a coach, my job is to ask powerful, thought-provoking questions that bring clients back to their inner-knowingness. I believe they are fully capable of finding the answers that will best direct them to make decisions and create goals. They can choose what steps they need to take that will take them onto their desired path or to their chosen destination. 

I want to remind them to use the tools they already have, to find support and belief in their own innate abilities. They have the tools and presence to keep them going when they get stuck or forget they have the answers and abilities to find the truth.

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Here are some quick tools for you to use to help differentiate ‘what is and is not’ the truth for you:

1. Take time to be aware: thousands of thoughts are running around in your head on a daily basis. Just because you are thinking a thought doesn’t mean it is true. To separate fact from fiction, take time to challenge your thoughts. Ask yourself, ‘Is this thought in alignment with my best self, or is it taking me away from my best?’ 

2. Ask yourself the question: in any situation where you find yourself questioning either yourself or the situation, ask yourself, ‘What is the truth about this?’ To find out, go within and be quiet, sit still and stay calm. Listen for the answer. Then ask yourself one more question about your answer: Is this truth or fiction? If you listen to your own inner knowingness, the correct answer will be revealed.

3. Make a list of the thoughts or beliefs: these are thoughts and beliefs that you want to change. Create the new thought or belief and replace your old thought or belief with it. Take this list with you during your day. Visualize a delete button, when an old thought or belief appears, then replace it with the new thought. Be patient, as it takes 21 days to create a new habit. 

4. Create a board with pictures: this will reflect your new thoughts and beliefs. Think about not only who inspires you, but also where and what inspires you. Start by ripping pages out of a magazine, clipping or printing quotes, or perhaps gathering postcards and photos that inspire you.

5. Send yourself a message: have a daily message on your phone, reminding you of your new way of thinking. It can be as simple as, ‘Remember today is a new day to create new thoughts and beliefs’.

Try these exercises and let me know what you experience from using these tools.

Author of this article:
Terry Sidford has been a certified life coach in the United States for the past 15 years and has assisted scores of people in achieving their dreams, which she believes is her own life’s purpose. More information is available from her website.

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