MINDSET: Love Your Body, Not Your Scales! | Great Health Guide
MINDSET: Love Your Body, Not Your Scales!

MINDSET: Love Your Body, Not Your Scales!

‘Love Your Body, Not Your Scales!’ by Leanne Allen and published in Great Health Guide (August 2017). Do you find yourself checking the scales often or wondering if you should eat a certain piece of food? Nowadays, many people are obsessed with how much they weigh and how they should look. This is mainly caused by the hype of ‘media’ which projects a false sense of worth by spreading the message that a slim person is worth more than a larger person. Don’t let the scales dictate your life so get started on your journey to loving yourself. This fantastic article is written by psychologist Leanne Allen with tips to help you love and appreciate yourself.
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MINDSET: Love Your Body, Not Your Scales!

written by Susie Flashman Jarvis

Why is it that so many people need to weigh themselves so often and become so attached to their scales? There is only one answer and that is the media who perpetrate ‘the body rules’.

Imagine a world where you and everyone else, loved their bodies. Imagine if no one told you that you are two kilos or 20 kilos overweight and therefore you are somehow less than perfect. Imagine if you could accept that whatever your body shape is, you have a right to feel accepted, loved and respected.

Imagine if today could be the day that you made the decision not to let your scales dictate what you did with your day and instead you decided to accept, love and respect yourself? You ate well because you enjoy food and because you cherish your body. You choose to eat well because you love yourself and not because someone tells you that you should.

Imagine the day that you looked in the mirror and noticed that your body is an amazing vessel that works in sync; it breaths, sees, hears, smells and feels without you doing too much. Your heart pumps automatically without you doing anything! It all works perfectly in beautiful harmony. And with this harmony comes the possibility of loving who you are and letting go of the harsh criticisms.

As a psychologist, unfortunately I see all too often where this is not the case. People, including men, women and sadly children, tend to measure their sense of worth based on how slim they are. And this is very clearly perpetuated by media and body shaming.

Get started on your journey to love yourself and not your scales. Here are some tips to help you:

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1. Put the scales away.

Somewhere that is not too easy to get them out. It might be hard at first, but give it a few days and the habit of daily weighing will disappear.

2. Eat healthy food and notice how you feel after.

Do you feel that you have given your body fuel to go? Let go of the notion of healthy food as being a punishment or chore, instead you are rewarding yourself by loving your body rather than sabotaging yourself! Evidence shows that what you put into your body affects your mental health too. 

3. Treat yourself occasionally.

This is important however don’t use food as a reward. Rather choose the food simply because you enjoy it and choose to eat it that day.

4. Avoid food that does not agree with you.

Make a note to yourself to respect your body and avoid that food next time This can be very challenging especially if it’s a food you love, but it is worth it!

5. Look in the mirror and notice at least five things that you like about your body.

Be very specific. ‘I love my skin, I love my eyelashes, I love my breasts, I love the way my waist curves, I love my fingernails’.
Notice how it feels to focus on what you DO love and not on what you DON’T love. 

6. Remember no one is perfect.

Even with photo-shop, layers of makeup, professional stylists and snap chat, underneath all those filters is a real person with real imperfections.

7. Start the revolution of loving your own body.

You must also let go of the criticism of other people’s bodies. No more body shaming, no more comments born from jealousy or envy, just allow love into your body and mind for everybody. As Ed Sheeran says you are ‘perfect imperfection!’ If you give these tips a go and find a lot of emotion stirring, or you just can’t do it, you may wish to talk to a professional psychologist, counsellor or coach in your area. Personal body shaming can often reflect self-worth and it does not have to be that way. In fact, with the right help you can truly learn to love the body that you are in…or at least like it!

Author of this article:
Leanne Allen (BA Psych), Is the principle psychologist at Reconnect Psychology and Coaching Services with two offices, one in Riverstone and Windsor area (www.reconnect-psych.com.au). She has trained in Sandplay Therapy, NLP and CBT. Leanne has also just completed training as a life coach. Her approach is to look forward while releasing the trauma of the past. If there is something that you would like to know about please feel free to leave a comment on her Facebook.

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