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MINDSET: The Art Of Being

MINDSET: The Art Of Being

‘The Art Of Being’ by Terry Sidford published in Great Health Guide (Nov 2016). You’ve probably heard the word “being” used often. But what is the definition of “being”? The art of “being” is to express who you are and who you have been all your life. Let us live, love and be who we are to the best of our abilities. Read this great article by Terry to find out how we can achieve our happy state of “being” today.
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MINDSET: The Art Of Being

written by Terry Sidford

We’ve all heard the word ‘being’ used regularly, but chances are we don’t really know or think about what it means for ourselves. The definition of ‘being’ is: ‘Have life, have being, exist, live, be alive.’ 

The art of being is expressing your state of being, your essence, who you have been your whole life. This is the ‘Being’ who feels deeply, who laughs, who cries, who smiles, who gets fired up about life and the things you love in life. But how much time do we actually spend ‘being’ in the present and not thinking about the past or future? In shedding some light on this subject, I hope to point out a state that could reveal a better way to express who you are.

If we take time to ‘BE’ in present time and see, feel, listen to our thoughts and feel our hearts, we would have a sense of who we are being in that moment. However, for most of us, very little of our time is spent in this present state. We have a choice every moment of our lives about who we choose to ‘Be’. Wouldn’t it be a lot better to be who we are instead of who we think we should be or who someone else thinks we should be?

I used to have a license plate that said, ‘Just Be’ and people would often ask me, ‘Just be what?’ With a smile I would think to myself, ‘This cannot be expressed, but experienced.’ I truly believe that who you are being is much more powerful than what you are doing in life. For instance, how many times have you heard people say that they are doing all the right things, but the results are not what they want or reflect who they are? They might want to start looking at who they are ‘being’ first.

The impact you can make on your life and others is in proportion to who you are ‘being’. You could have the so-called perfect career, family and life, but not being yourself will result in consequences that are not in alignment with your true self and best life. I have experienced some examples while coaching clients.

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One client in particular was very unhappy with her job. She felt that everyone was unhappy with their jobs and only complained. This did not make for a happy environment. She felt that her only choice was to find a new job. However, finances were an issue and did not allow her the luxury of quitting until she found another job. Together, we implemented a plan that allowed her to start living and being happy regardless of what was happening around her. 

We talked about who she was ‘being’ when she was her best self. She decorated her office with items to remind her who she wanted to ‘BE.’ Among them were a picture of a sun, a beautiful plant and quotes that touched her soul. A few weeks passed and she reported that she was feeling happy and fulfilled again. Not only was she happier, but also she noted that other employees were happier as well. They commented on her new state of ‘being’ and how that made a difference in their job.

Take time to look at who you are ‘being’ in your life and if the results are not what you want, perhaps you, too, should make a change from the inside out. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

1. Set a reminder on your phone at least five times during the day, to actually put down the phone (or step away from the computer screen) for a moment and look to see what is around you. Breathe slower and deeper than normal; notice how your body is feeling.

2. Try on different ways of ‘being’ around others. Notice how you feel and when you feel more yourself.

3. Notice how people react around you, then make a mental note if these are reactions you want.

4. Remember a time when you felt your best and how you were feeling and acting. How did others react to you? If reactions were positive, try to recreate those previous actions and see if you can get similar results.

5. Create an environment that reminds you of who you want to ‘BE’. This could be as simple as posting a picture of yourself at your best, a piece of jewelry, or as elaborate as redecorating your room, home or office. My client painted the door from her garage to her home yellow to remind her to shine her light.

Author of this article:
Terry Sidford has been a certified life coach in the United States for the past 15 years and has assisted scores of people in achieving their dreams, which she believes is her own life’s purpose. More information is available from her website.

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