MINDSET: From Functioning To Freedom Part 2 | Great Health Guide
MINDSET: From Functioning To Freedom Part 2

MINDSET: From Functioning To Freedom Part 2

‘From Functioning to Freedom Part 2’ by Edwina Pettiford published in Great Health Guide (June 2017). In part 1, Edwina shares her insight to overcoming the fear of taking action and trying something new. In this article, Edwina shares the next steps from functioning to being totally free through taking action.
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MINDSET: From Functioning To Freedom Part 2

written by Edwina Pettiford

Changing the way we feel by doing something differently was discussed in the article From Fear to Functioning published in the May issue of Great Health Guide™. Whether it is just stepping outside your home and going for a walk or catching up with friends, more often this can be the first step to overcome fear. It is certain that if we keep doing the things that we have always done, things will simply not change.

Often women come to a time in life when they stop doing things that they really enjoy. It could be that they start a family, or a career and the focus moves away from them onto something else. This works well for some time, however before they know it, they no longer do anything that makes them happy, or do anything for themselves. When this happens, it has usually occurred over a long period of time and the sheer will to do something again can turn into something that they fear. The weight may have crept on after having children, or friends may have drifted away and the thought of taking the first step to finding what it is that makes them happy scares them.

In Part 1, I suggested that by doing something different to what you would normally do can be all it takes to just get started. Too often we overthink the ‘just get started’ bit and think that we don’t have the tools or resources we need available to us. Most of the time this just isn’t the case and by limiting the over analysis we can just get on with it.

Once we have got over this, we move from living in a state of fear into a functioning state.

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Look to your right…

At this point things seem to be under control. You’re doing what needs to be done to make time for yourself and you have a handle on everything in life.

Normally when you are living in the functioning state you are comfortable with how things are. Your family is doing well, you’re making time to exercise and catch up with friends and your career is going well. Even though you’re going through the motions and doing the things that would normally make you happy, deep down, you may feel that something is missing.

You feel that you are in control of your life and that you have a say in how things turn out, but you may start to wonder whether you’re actually on the right path in life. Even though you’re doing well…are you doing the RIGHT things well? Is there something missing? Is there more I could be doing? Where is my life heading? Slowly your functioning state, which is abundant with all the material things that you want, becomes less engaging.

Even though you feel accepted and loved, there is another level to move to. We call this Freedom. It is a place where you no longer worry about being accepted but focus on being expressive. A place where you really stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone so you can expand, grow and feel alive!

Author of this article:
Edwina Pettiford.

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