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MINDSET: Champion Mum Part 2

MINDSET: Champion Mum Part 2

‘Champion Mum Part 2’ Kathryn Dodd interviews Louisa Hawton published in Great Health Guide (March 2016). In part 1 of the series we met Louisa ‘Bang Bang’ Hawton, Australia’s very own World Champion Boxer. In part 2 get to know Louisa even better as she shares how a positive mindset helped her achieve success. 
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IMPACT: Champion Mum Part 2

Kathryn Dodd interviews Louisa Hawton

Just be grateful even for the smallest things…such is the mindset that has built the foundation and success for World Champion Boxer Louisa ‘BANG BANG’ Hawton. In last month’s issue of Great Health GuideTM, we featured Louisa Hawton, the World Boxing Organisation Light-flyweight Division Champion. Even to this day, Louisa remains undefeated after eight professional fights. In this article, Louisa shares the mindsets that led her to achieve the honour of becoming a World Champion Boxer.

Q: Louisa, how important is a positive mindset to you?

A: In boxing, a positive mindset is so important because when I feel like my body wants to give up, it’s my mind that will accelerate me to push through. Also I understand in life there are tasks that are not necessarily enjoyable but if they are part of a bigger more meaningful purpose then those little things become insignificant. For me, these simple mindsets really help me to keep pushing through and love what I’m doing.

Q: Can you share your thoughts on learning & growing?

A: I’m always looking to develop as a person so that I can be the very best I can be. I feel like a sponge – I just want to grow and learn. I can learn being a boxer, being a being a mum and also being a friend – basically everyone can teach me. When I run, I listen to motivational speakers because it’s an excellent time to work on my mind. When focused on this kind of information, it’s much easier to remain positive rather than on the things that aren’t going well. We all go through those moments of negativity perhaps feeling like nothing is going right. The trap is that if we stay there, it will build and manifest. That’s why it’s so important to put empowering information into our mind as often as possible.

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Q: How will you keep your passion alive?

A: What inspires me is to keep learning – to be hungry to grow? It doesn’t matter if I’m at the top of my game, there is always going to be something to learn. I love the fact that I’m trying to create a career out of something that I love. There are many people who hate what they do – that energy in their mind and body is not good for their long term health. My kids are also a huge motivation because I want to be able to show them that whatever they want to do, they can do, no matter what it is.

Q: What do you think about the ‘doubters’ and fear generally?

A: Unfortunately, there will always be people who are doubting or hating you but I’m quite fortunate to have a lot of positive people around me. Like anyone, I do get those moments of self-doubt – it’s normal. So particularly during these time I realise how important it is to have encouraging people in my life. They help me to refocus on what’s important. I really am selective who I spend my time with because if affects my growth and overall success. One of the biggest things that prevents people from realising their dreams is that they worry about what everyone else thinks. My opinion is it doesn’t matter what other people think – I’m living my life not theirs. Whether people tell me ‘I can do it’ or alternatively hate me for even trying, it really doesn’t matter because they are not living my life. I think it’s important to be true to myself and follow the things that are important to me. This is all wrapped up in fear which is another huge reason that stops people taking action. Personally, I overcome fear all the time and in order for me to get where I want to go, there is going to be so much more that I need to overcome. The key is to realise that it’s just fear and if I try my best then that’s great.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Louisa Hawton as much as I did. It was my pleasure talking with Louisa, such a humble and down-to-earth young woman. Louisa, we all wish you the best with your upcoming championships.



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