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Leadership: Lead From Within

Leadership: Lead From Within

This article is written by Terry Sidford and is taken from the current issue of Great Health Guide (May 2016 – issue 11).

Leadership: Lead From Within written by Terry Sidford

Being a leader in all areas of one’s life is a common theme that weaves through the heart and soul of many women. We want to strive to be our best in everything we do because deep down we know we are capable of greatness. As a life coach I’ve had the honor of working with many women. I have witnessed firsthand the incredible ability of women to be multifaceted, purposeful, intuitive and persistent. We have the ability to be true visionaries.

My recent book One Hundred Hearts, is a collection of short stories about real women and how they have demonstrated courage and leadership in their life regardless of challenges that arose. 

One particular story I would like to share with you from One Hundred Hearts, is one that might actually surprise you. This is the story of Martina, a bored suburbanite searching for the identity she lost when she gave up a career to be a full-time mom. She often felt she had lost herself somewhere along the way and was left without a compass to lead her in the direction of her dreams. She adored her children and had a wonderful loving husband, however, there was a dark cloud that had moved over her soul. The feeling she experienced was fundamental and bone-deep. What had happened to the young, spontaneous woman who wanted to travel the world and experience good wine, interesting cuisines and different cultures? Suddenly, she knew something needed to change. 


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For the first time ever, she courageously decided to be her own superhero. While pondering these questions she dug deep and said to herself, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got you, I’m not letting go.’ Upon uttering these words to herself, she jumped up, headed out the door to find something that would connect her to her true, authentic self – the self she thought she had lost along the way. With only an hour of time to herself, Martina went to her favorite discount store. Looking at the sale items she spotted a cheap plastic globe. As she gazed at the snow globe, she saw Italy staring her in the face. She knew that going to Italy was what she needed to do, to regain her sense of direction and show her children what it means to follow your passion. With a grin from ear to ear and speaking the Italian she had learned as a young woman, Martina picked up her children and was once again connected to her passions and soul.

Martina’s story is only one example of leadership. She took the leadership of her own life and the trajectory of where it was headed. Martina knew and trusted her instincts and decided to take action. There are many ways to express leadership in our lives. It isn’t what we are doing that is the most important, but who we are BEING when we are taking action or living life. BE a leader from within and you will be a leader to others.  

Think of people in your life who have displayed what being a leader means to you. What qualities do they possess? No matter how small they may be, think of ways you have been a leader in your own life.

Taking ownership with confidence and persistence, looking at all sides, being able to ‘course correct’ quickly, authentically and with conviction, because you know yourself, your passions and life purpose are the ways to be a leader. Sometimes, leadership is a quiet strength and resolve. 

As women, we have the opportunity more now than ever to be seen and heard in leadership roles. It is up to us to believe we will be given the respect we deserve and to live in a way that garners that respect.

Here are a few ways to be a leader in your life:

  1. Be authentic

  2. Be confident

  3. Know who you are

  4. Find your passions and purpose

  5. Believe in your greatness

  6. Use your intuition

  7. Speak your truth

Leadership comes in many forms. For example, consider your thoughts when watching a children’s soccer game. It is human nature that one or two children will immediately begin to show their leadership abilities. This isn’t something a child thinks about or plans to do. It is simply who they are in that moment, trusting in their abilities and innately knowing that they are capable of greatness. 

Author of this article:
Terry Sidford has been a certified life coach in the United States for the past 15 years and has assisted scores of people in achieving their dreams, which she believes is her own life’s purpose. More information is available from her website.
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