IMPACT: Using Effective Mindset – You’re Not Broken | Great Health Guide
IMPACT: Using Effective Mindset – You’re Not Broken

IMPACT: Using Effective Mindset – You’re Not Broken

‘Effective Mindsets – You’re Not Broken’ by Belinda Lyons published in Great Health Guide (Feb 2016). Do you feel sad, depressed & feeling low?. Belinda has some great advice on how to turn your mindset around & make the best of out your life today. 
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IMPACT: Using Effective Mindset – You’re Not Broken

written by Belinda Lyons

While growing up I kept active following in my dad’s footsteps. I entered my first Fun Run when I was 9 years of age. I came second last, I was so proud not to have come last. Running not only kept me fit but taught me how to focus. At age 20 I prolapsed a disc in my lower back in a work place incident. This led me to exercise and strengthen my body at the local gymnasium where my goal became gaining strength and physical tone. I learnt at a very early age that changing my focus to a positive outcome assisted not only to dissipate mental pain but also to reduce physical pain. Soon after starting I was encouraged to consider competing in women’s body building. I said, ‘why not, it will be a bit of a challenge and fun’. I never dreamed of even a placing. To my absolute surprise, within 12 months of beginning my training, I was crowned Miss Natural Australia 1992.

Two years later, I was diagnosed with clinical depression/anxiety due to a chemical imbalance. I have continued to stay actively engaged in fitness which releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. These hormones work together to create a feel-good emotion and reduce stress. These hormones served me well during the past 25 years as I have had my fair share of acute injuries followed by surgeries, marriage breakdown and divorce. I have fought bulimia for many years, but with consistent action in catching my conditioned responses to certain situations and responding to those with new productive strategies, I have triumphed over bulimia. Now I am still active at an elite level of fitness at 44 years of age.

I hear you asking, how does she keep going?

It’s about choice of focus and mindset. Making conscious daily decisions to focus on the future outcome I desired. Did I know that’s what I was doing through all those past years? NO! Not until I woke up one morning and realised there has to be more to life and I found it. I joined as a student with a world leading coaching institute called ironically enough, ‘The Coaching Institute’ where I have studied as a mindset coach and behavioural profiler. 

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Now I am aware that no matter what our circumstances, we all have the ability to have an effective mindset. Having been through these challenging experiences has placed me in a beautiful position to be a role model for my two gorgeous girls, 6 & 8 years. The deeper I dive into uncertainty with my studies and business of serving others, the more I grow; the greater my two daughters’ confidence and self-awareness shines. So the ripple affect goes on.

When you understand this, it will make life so much more pleasant and more opportunities will open up for you. You will feel stronger, more determined, with more motivation and momentum. It takes consistency and practice at making decisions and sticking to them. In time this will become easier and easier and more enjoyable. You will get that natural high and feeling of self-pride, knowing you are making a difference to yourself and people around you, because they will notice the difference in how you shine. 


  • You’re not broken

  • Never be afraid to ask for help to change your mindset

  • Vulnerability is a great strength to possess

  • Only share with supportive and encouraging people

  • Get practice at making decisions that are congruent with your future vision and stick to them

  • It is OK for your vision to change as you grow; not all roads are straight and smooth

It’s an exciting journey to your visions and goals. So set the GPS and plan to take a few detours of fun and adventure along the way. You have everything within you right now to achieve your goals, desires and visions. The only thing holding you back is YOU!

Author of this article:
Belinda Lyons is an Australian mindset coach and behavioural profiler (Extended DISC and FINXS). Through Elite Mindset she provides a mindset coaching, mentoring and consulting service, with 24 years of experience in leadership, mentoring and personal development. Belinda establishes programs to suit the client’s needs so they can learn skills and strategies to take action to gain a life of fulfilment and/or take their businesses/dreams to the next level and beyond. Belinda may be contacted by email.

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