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IMPACT: The Perfect Body Image

IMPACT: The Perfect Body Image

‘The Perfect Body Image’ by Kathryn Dodd published in Great Health Guide (Aug 2015). What is the perfect body image? Why does everyone have different ideas of what constitutes a perfect body image? An individual’s value is not based upon body image but in fact on the individual’s very essence, their authentic self – that’s where value is found. Kathryn shares with us her thoughts about this issue.
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IMPACT: The Perfect Body Image

written by Kathryn Dodd

These are emotive words. Is there even such a thing as a perfect body? What is ‘perfect’ and who sets these unobtainable standards? Despite these questions humanity is a slave, bound in its attempt to attain something that is so nebulous. But the call, the need to conform is so strong. The cost, the feeling of not measuring up is so great that the cycle continues and the behaviours perpetuate.

Individuals’ insecurities, their deep-seated fears are nurtured by industries whose goals are to strengthen market share and increase returns to their shareholders. ‘The perfect body image’ is big business and an unsuspecting, gullible society is very much a part of their bigger plan.

This week I heard of a young girl announcing that she was fat … she was five years of age. Why, at the young age of five, is this child concerned or even aware of her body image? How does she even know she’s fat and by whose standards does she measure herself?

What ever happened to young children being carefree… playing with dolls, dressing up, having tea parties and running outside with the sun on their face? Surely the idea of the perfect body is an indictment on society that communicates such messages – messages that are filtered down, communicated and now played out in young children. 

Do I condone obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle? Absolutely not! Do I celebrate a five year old girl believing that her body image is so bad? Again, absolutely not!

So the question must be asked, ‘has the message of the perfect body image gone too far’? Is society so committed to the perfect body myth that individuals are motivated to solely achieve a certain external appearance without considering a healthy lifestyle? This is just another indicator that  the message has gone too far. When will we be free from the wrong message forcing us to attain the outward perfect-body-image?

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Motivation and a New Message is the key. If our actions to exercise and eat nutritious food are motivating us to live life well, with optimum health and vitality for the purpose of giving beyond ourselves – then this new message should be applauded. Feel free to be motivated by the new message – one where inner beauty is radiated outwardly by the person leading a healthy, purpose-filled, stress-free, outwardly focused life.

As Founder of Great Health Guide magazine, I believe that people are truly valuable and unique. This is the core message of this publication. An individual’s value is not based upon body image but in fact on the individual’s very essence, their authentic self – that’s where value is found. This message needs to be shouted from the mountain tops, so that everyone would simply know: they are more than their body – more than just an external image. The value is NOT found in their body which will age and deteriorate but value is found in whom they are, their contribution to humanity and the greater good. I believe that people are hungry for such a message – to be free from the ‘body-beautiful’ stereotype.

I invite individuals, communities, businesses and organisations who believe in such a message to unite. It is only in unity that strength, freedom and a positive change is found. It is only found when ‘the ones’ stand together to become ‘the many’. It’s when  ‘the many’ stand and state that the PERFECT BODY IMAGE – the myth, the nebulous distant myth has gone too far… and we are no longer listening.

Let’s raise our voices for those who cannot speak for themselves. Let’s stand for the five year old girls who think they are already a failure simply because of the shape of their body. Let’s stand up and raise our voices … and be heard.

Author of this article:
Kathryn Dodd has a rich background in business and entrepreneurship. As a previous owner of two Optus telecommunication franchises, she became experienced in quality customer service. In recognition, she received the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce New Business Award in 2000.
Kathryn has a BA (Com) and an MBA which, along with experience in non-profit, Corporate and Government sectors, have provided an outstanding foundation for her entrepreneurial career.
Kathryn’s interest in health and longevity combined with her love of sharing this information, led her to launch Great Health Guide digital magazine, a brand dedicated to focusing on releasing people from the illusion of ‘perfect-body-image’ &  ‘diet-to-be-thin’.  With a team of health experts and contributors, Great Health Guide is set to make a significant contribution to the health and wellness industry. See also Kathryn’s Facebook page.

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