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IMPACT: Christine Caine

IMPACT: Christine Caine

‘Christine Caine’ by Staff at A21 published in Great Health Guide (June 2016). This article tells us the story of how Christine Caine, founder of A21 overcame many obstacles in life to establish the global anti-human trafficking organisation called A21.
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IMPACT: Christine Caine

written by Staff at A21

So often we hold back from stepping out because we don’t feel qualified or empowered. Perhaps we think we lack the courage, strength and experience so we leave it to someone else. Christine Caine is an everyday woman just like you who, once held back, daunted and afraid, overcame the shame of her past to step into a life of extraordinary leadership. Now boldly living out her purpose, Christine helps others to discover their unique identity as leaders and empowering them to use this ability to help others.

Christine overcame a number of huge battles including twelve years of childhood abuse and a battle with cancer. Then at the age thirty-three Christine learnt that she was adopted. The once abandoned, unnamed and unwanted young girl became a fearless leader in the fight against human trafficking and a fierce advocate for women around the world.

Christine believes that nothing about her birth was accidental and strongly believes that she was born to lead in this time; she passionately believes the same for every woman. And if there’s one thing to learn from Christine Caine it’s this: if you want to lead and better yourself you have to help and better others.

Together with her husband Nick, they formed the global anti-human trafficking organization called A21. This organization is dedicated to fighting slavery and human trafficking around the globe and seeing this injustice abolished in the 21st century. Christine is a leader who went beyond her qualification and fear and into her passion, purpose and potential. She has now led A21 to have a presence in ten countries and seeing 434 victims rescued and protected. A21 is also actively engaged in preventing trafficking through education and awareness. They actively partner with governments and NGOs to interrupt the trafficking cycle through prosecution.

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Recently Christine has carried her passion for leadership into the launch of Propel, an organisation dedicated to celebrating every woman’s passion, purpose and potential. While culture is changing to allow professional women to hold positions of leadership, many women still wrestle with identifying themselves as leaders or feeling empowered to operate within their full leadership potential. Propel exists to change this culture by offering women the tools needed to lead more effectively, helping them internalise their leadership identity. For more information on Propel check out the website that provides empowering articles and resources for women.

Christine is inviting every woman of every age and season of life to discover their personal role as a leader – whether you are a stay-at-home mum, involved in the corporate sector or working in everyday society. Christine’s message is simple – ‘you are a person of great worth and potential to lead in your sphere of life’. She believes you can be a woman who is undaunted by the challenges of life and that you can be unmovable and unbound – history does not define your destiny and you are not held captive to old stereotypes. Christine believes you can move gracefully from one season of your life to the next and that your potential is limitless. 

This is how Christine leads and this is how she believes you can lead too. Christine looks forward to the future, knowing that lives will be changed and captives will be set free. Similarly she wants you to look forward to your future, knowing that you have purpose, passion and potential. Remember you have a voice, you are a leader and you can change someone’s world.

To further inspire and empower yourself and others visit Christine Caine or her website Propel.

Author of this article:
Christine Caine, Founder of A21 has seen 434 people rescued, with 100 rescued already in 2016! They’ve seen 41 traffickers convicted and tens of thousands of people educated about human trafficking. A21 can only rescue victims and support them as survivors with your help so no matter what’s in your hands, you have the power to change someone’s world. So jump onto, (maybe even sign up for the Walk for Freedom on October 15th) and let’s fight human trafficking together!

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