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GREAT HEALTH: Natural Progesterone Cream for PCOS

GREAT HEALTH: Natural Progesterone Cream for PCOS

‘Natural Progesterone Cream for PCOS’ by Melissa Madgwick published in Great Health Guide (Sep 2015). In the previous articles, Melissa discussed living with PCOS and ways on alleviating the symptoms of PCOS. In this article, she discusses the use of natural progesterone cream as a way to increase the levels of progesterone as a PCOS sufferer.
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GREAT HEALTH: Natural Progesterone Cream for PCOS

written by Melissa Madgwick

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the hormonal disorder defined by irregular, abnormal or absent menstruation, excessive body hair, excessive body weight and reduced fertility. If you are suffering from PCOS related symptoms – acne, obesity, excessive hair growth, and irregular periods, ask for blood test today from your health care professional and see if your progesterone levels are very low like mine were! 

Women with PCOS always have low progesterone levels. This was my issue! When I was diagnosed with PCOS back in September 2013, my blood test showed that my progesterone levels (vital women’s hormone for ovulation purposes) was so low, it was actually non-existent on the normal scale for a female of my age.

The best solution to rebalance these hormone levels (that worked wonders for me), was to begin supplementing with progesterone, not a synthetic progesterone, rather a bioidentical natural progesterone. My healing from PCOS was dependant on the frequent use of natural progesterone cream and staying on the very important recommended diet.  So, if you’re overweight, stressed, over the age of 35 and your cysts fail to respond to diet alone, then progesterone treatment could be the missing piece.  

Progesterone, put simply, is the hormone that signals the end of ovulation and causes the remaining follicles to shrink. It can help oppose the estrogen dominance that occurs with PCOS. By using progesterone cream you’ll mimic a natural cycle and help the body restore its own cycle, including ovulating. Progesterone is used in many situations including fertility treatment, pre and post menopausal problems. There is a wealth of information on line about the uses and precautions on the use of progesterone.  

The product I used is made from fats extracted from wild yams, which is the natural option that I discuss in my website. 

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There are now various methods of application of progesterone products, such as in a transdermal patch, cream or vaginal gel/pessary form rather than a synthetic prescribed oral pill.  It is important to have your health practitioner recommending the dose and method of application, as well as monitoring your levels of hormones during the treatment.  

So, this is just one tip I’m providing you to help get your hormones back into balance! I have discovered that food and nutrition (the right kind), a good mindset, a supportive environment, and most of all knowledge, are the most powerful tools to in recovering from PCOS. I’m feeling more alive and I know you will too.  There are many more tips and tricks every week on my website.

Happy healing. 

Author of this article:
Melissa Madgwick is a 29 year old woman who is on other side of healing from polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Her life now revolves around health. She is an avid health advocate who specialises in working with women who suffer from PCOS and eagerly helps others overcome the PCOS disease holistically.

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