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GREAT HEALTH: Find Your Dream Team

GREAT HEALTH: Find Your Dream Team

‘Finding Your Dream Team’ by Megan McGrath published in Great Health Guide (Nov 2016). We all need a great support network of family and friends – people who can support, encourage and celebrate our success through the good & bad times. These are the people who will genuinely care and want the best for us. Read the rest of Megan’s article to find your dream team today.
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Great Health: Finding Your Dream Team

written by Megan McGrath

All of us need a good support network. Our lives are made all the better by having people to help us out when we need it. When we decide and are committed to change, it is vital to have the right people around us to encourage, support and celebrate our success. This is what I like to call a ‘Dream Team’ – they are people who genuinely care and want the best for us. These people want to see us achieve our goals and fulfil our potential.

Whilst some people lift, nurture and encourage us, others can have the opposite effect. These are the people who might shoot down your idea, lead you astray or are just plain unsupportive. They are the people that want you to keep drinking with them, putting on weight with them; they might want you to continue smoking with them. They will sabotage your efforts because it is uncomfortable for them to see you step up. For you to succeed shines a light on their own insecurities.

Our ‘team’ effects our wellbeing

Our wellbeing is certainly influenced by those around us so it is important for us to surround ourselves with a team of people that cultivate healthy and positive behaviour. If we can keep this in mind we can have greater insights into the quality of our interactions and their energetic effect on us. We need to choose our team carefully – as they will help us strive or wilt.

I encourage all my clients to choose a ‘Dream Team’. In my experience they are crucial in supporting a person achieve positive and lasting change. Our team inspire us to be a better person, can provide us with motivation to achieve our goals, empower us to make changes, hold us accountable and are happy for our success. 

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Who makes up a dream team?

Positive people that enrich our lives. They might be:

  • family member

  • friends

  • co-workers

  • mentor/coach

These people see the potential in you, even when you are having trouble yourself.

How to engage your team

Tell people that they are part of your team, allow yourself to be vulnerable, share your dreams, goals and desires. In many cases it might be helpful to tell your team what support you need. Don’t expect them to necessarily know your needs unless you are specific. Our journey to wellness can be made so much better by having people to be strong when we are weak and offer perspective when we feel lost.

I would challenge you to have the courage to ask for support, to acknowledge that we are stronger when we to lean in. Surround yourself with people who are going to cultivate this new, healthy, positive change you want.

Author of this article:
Megan McGrath is a professional accredited Wellness Coach and certified Fitness Trainer. Founder of Chasing Sunrise. Megan is passionate in supporting and empowering women towards achieving a healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives. Check out her website.

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