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GREAT HEALTH: Being Too Busy

GREAT HEALTH: Being Too Busy

‘Being Too Busy’ by Megan McGrath – published in Great Health Guide (Oct 2016). Today, women are struggling to simply catch their breath. Women who are smart, strong, and intelligent are driven to being overwhelmed by the hectic pace and demands of every-day life. Do you feel like this could be you? In this article, Megan highlights the importance of slowing down and how this can positively impact your overall health & wellbeing. Learn more here.
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GREAT HEALTH: Being Too Busy

written by Megan McGrath

Women today are struggling to catch their breath. Smart, strong, intelligent, driven women are frantic and overwhelmed with the hectic pace and demands of every-day life. 

The modern woman is wearing more hats, juggling more projects, working longer hours and at the same time many continue to fulfil roles as home maker, nurturer, mother and lover. Add all of this to an endless list of ‘stuff’ we should be doing like exercising, eating well, having quality time with friends and family, improving ourselves and contributing to our community! 

Our lives have become so demanding that ‘busy’ and ‘tired’ are just accepted as the norm. We are so caught up in the ‘doing’ that we are not actually just ‘being’ and sadly this is how we are measuring our success. We are pushing, striving, working harder, thinking, planning and rushing. As a result, we are losing sight of our human moments, connection and our health. For what? 

‘Busy’ is not something to boast about…’Busy’ is making us sick. Fatigue, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, headaches and tension – are all conditions related to excessive busyness. It’s time to stop catastrophising our lives, subscribing to the hype and glorifying ‘busy’. It is more important than ever to take great care of ourselves. So how do we do this without feeling like it’s just another thing on our already epic ‘to do’ lists?

Most people will say they just don’t have time. We all have time…the same time. We prioritise what we value most. So saying that you don’t have time is because you don’t value it as a priority. By carving out time, that we all have, for ourselves, we can make huge strides in other aspects for our lives that have previously drained us. 


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You need to ask yourself; is what you are doing now aligned with what you want for your life? If the answer is no, it’s time to reassess.

Life will always bring us challenges, set-backs, disappointments and occasionally a full blown crisis. But in amongst it all there is joy and happiness to be found. We need to wake-up and be able to enjoy the ordinary and every day, the journey, the being, the authentic, the real.

Exhaustion, stress and busyness lie between what we have and what we want. Reassessing priorities and decluttering our lives is key to creating space to create more, be more, give more, dream more and live more. This is your life. Own it.

Author of this article:
Megan McGrath has a Health Science degree, is a professional accredited Wellness Coach and certified Fitness Trainer. Megan is passionate about supporting and empowering women towards achieving healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives. She is the Founder of Chasing Sunrise – a Health and Wellness Consultancy. 

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