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FITNESS: Shape Up In Winter

FITNESS: Shape Up In Winter

‘Shape Up In Winter’ by Tom Holland published in Great Health Guide (June 2016). The motivation to workout may decline with the temperature however let’s find creative ways to be consistent and fit. There are plenty of perks to look forward to in the colder temperatures.
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FITNESS: Great Outdoors – Shape Up In Winter

written by Tom Holland

The warmer months always seems to fly by and many of us dread summer’s departure. But the changing of the seasons shouldn’t change your attitude about workouts and fitness routines. The dropping temperature offers new and exciting ways to keep the summer bodies that we worked so hard to earn.

What are we talking about? Here are five fitness perks to look forward to this winter:

1. More excuses to escape the gym:

During the cooler months, you might not miss those unbearably hot summer days that keep you inside, but you may miss your daily dose of Vitamin D. Outdoor workouts offer the perfect time to soak up this natural mood enhancer, even if you aren’t in direct sunlight. So consider taking a break from the gym and getting out into the crisp air, weather permitting of course!

2. Work out when you want:

Higher temperatures can be an inhibitor to a longer workout, often bogging us down from (literally) going the extra mile. Summer can even force us to wake up earlier to ‘beat the heat’ but if you’re not a morning person, this can be an extremely difficult approach. Colder weather allows you to tailor your workout routine to your energy levels, while also giving you more of that much needed sleep.

3. New season, new you:

The new season can also be looked at as a new beginning to focus your efforts on a healthy lifestyle. Whether that’s eating more nutritious foods, tackling a seasonal fitness challenge or committing to walking every day, approach the change in climate as a new chapter toward a healthier you!

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4. Get out and enjoy the scenery:

Whether you’re a runner, a biker, a hiker or just an all-around outdoor enthusiast, the shift in colder temperatures has the power to transform old trails into fresh ones. With the changing colors of the leaves or a fresh layer of white powder, experience the outdoors for what feels like the first time again. Use this time as an excuse to get out and explore new roads, trails and places you’ve never been before.

5. Building a ‘new’ wardrobe:

Admit it — you’re probably getting tired of the same workout tanks and shorts combinations. If you’re excited to dig out your favourite workout layers, this is the perfect time of year. Indulge in what feels like a brand new wardrobe by digging out your favorite winter gear, without having to spend a cent to do so!

So, while the change in seasons may seem to spell the end of sunshine and outdoors activities at first, let it be a catalyst for a new lease on life instead. 

Author of this article:
Tom Holland is the official Bowflex fitness advisor. He is an internationally-recognised fitness expert, exercise physiologist and certified sports nutritionist with over two decades of experience in the industry. Tom can be contacted via his website.

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