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Finding a sense of freedom through healthy eating

Finding a sense of freedom through healthy eating

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Finding a sense of freedom through healthy eating written by Edwina Pettiford

Reflection… it’s a powerful thing. Recently, I sat down and reflected on my life — looking back on times when I was achieving my goals, times that I had felt sad, times I felt on top of the world, and times I felt trapped and alone. If you’ve ever ridden this rollercoaster ride too, you’re in good company. Here are some learnings that may help you jump off the emotional rollercoaster. 

It dawned on me that day that there were three distinct ways — or ‘states’ as I now call them — in which I had been living my life. This realisation has been the most empowering and liberating observation that I’ve ever made. What resulted was a realisation that I’ve been moving in and out of three different life stations, all of which have been associated with the way I was eating. Most revealing was that the amount of good, healthy fats I ate had the greatest affect on my state of mind at the time. 

States of Mind – and Body… 

It occurred to me while I was pondering my life that there have been times when I’ve felt so motivated and positive about the future that I could handle anything the world threw at me. When I was feeling this way, good things happened in my life which were new and exciting. I had so much energy during those times. I truly felt on top of things and very capable. 

I also thought back to times when I felt very uncertain and had no strategy or plan for the future. At that time I could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. I felt trapped, alone and sad. 

It occurred to me during that reflective moment that there are two very different ‘states’ that can pop up at any time, often within days of each other. There is, however, a third state that isn’t either ‘doom and gloom’ or ‘flowers and rainbows’. This feeling happened when I wasn’t necessarily feeling the strong emotions of an elated high on one hand or desperation and sadness on the other. This state was comfortable, and when I reflect back, it was as if I was travelling on auto pilot, in my own ‘comfort zone’. 

From fear to Freedom 

Whilst I was sitting back taking a helicopter view of the different states in which I was living my life, I started associating words, emotions and feelings with these states. Eventually I gave each of the states a name. 

During times that I felt trapped and desperate, I worried about the opinions of other people. I obsessed over how I was being perceived and whether people liked how I spoke, acted and even dressed. I had a feeling that there was another big world out there and I knew that I wanted more, but wasn’t sure how to get it. There was no way that I could step outside this box that I had put myself in. I was living in FEAR — the first state. 

When I was living on auto pilot, I felt less worried about what people thought of me, although this worry wasn’t completely gone. This was a time in my life that I had a good job and a car and was paying off the mortgage on a nice house. Although things seemed to be going well — I was working hard and all my needs were met — I wasn’t truly happy. I was in the second state — FUNCTIONING

Things really started to get interesting when I began associating words and feelings with how I behaved when I was positive and motivated. When I was achieving goals and was happy, I felt like my life was going somewhere. I realised that when I was living like this, I was FREE, or in the third state. 

Once I identified the three states that I had been jumping to and from during my life, I was curious to find out what triggered the transition from one to another. This took me a little more time and a lot more digging. 

Getting to the Bottom of Emotional States 

One really interesting fact that I pinpointed was the importance of incorporating good fats into a healthy diet. Whenever I was living in the FREE state, where I felt motivated, stretched outside my comfort zone, and truly happy, I was eating a very healthy and balanced diet. This was a surprise to me, but it seemed to make sense. The more I explored my diet and the role of good fats, the better I understood my relationship with the world. 

This is just a taster to some upcoming articles, where I will provide further information on the three states in which we live our lives. How can we transition from the first state, fear, through the functioning state and ultimately to a state of freedom? This final state is where we are able to express who we really are, to grow and expand into the people that we truly want to become and were created to be. 

This article was taken from Issue 1 of our magazine. For more articles like this, please subscribe to the Great Health Guide magazine – (subscription FREE for limited time only)
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