Welcome to Great Health Guide

So, who would have ever thought that a young, tree-climbing, horse-riding girl would own a media company specialising in health? I never dreamed this was possible and honestly, it’s been a work in progress every step of the way – a testimony to persistence and believing that better things were always to be found.

And if you read this and think, ‘I could never do that because I didn’t get excellent grades in school’ well be encouraged…neither did I. Despite this I completed a Bachelor of Communications and later an MBA, never realising how appropriate this education was for what I am doing right now.

“It’s about rising above our perceived limitations, 

being intentional about life and making positive choices”.

A lover of travel, I was fortunate to live and work in UK for several years and this also shaped me as I learnt new skills that expanded my capacity. And my love for learning is a life-long adventure of intentionally finding the information required, meeting new people, attending conferences and investing in myself knowing the benefits would soon be realised.


“As I journey through life, I see some women 

not knowing their true value, worth or purpose 

and that is what fuels me”.


I am passionate about women being all they are created to be and to release them from the fear of being inadequate and unacceptable, according to the superficial ‘perfect standards’. I believe that every woman has unique gifts, value and purpose to offer her world. It is for this cause that Great Health Media was born… to impact and empower health-conscious women around the world.


“Yes, I applaud great health, however, 

women need to know that they are more than their body”.

So, let’s not just aim for great health for the sake of ourselves but to go beyond ourselves to make a difference – simply because we can.

This is for you, for your health and wellbeing…to be empowered.

Always remember…‘you are more than your body’.

Yours in Great Health

Kath x

Kathryn Dodd

(Founder, Great Health Guide)