I believe that every woman…

  • Has UNIQUE VALUE; she should Be nurtured & encouraged.

  • Has UNIQUE PURPOSE she is capable of impacting her world.

  • Should BE FREE from forums that highlight her flaws and insecurities.

  • Should BE FREE from the myths ‘PERFECT-BODY-IMAGE’ … & … ‘DIET-TO-BE-THIN-AND-HAPPY’.

It is for this cause that Great Health Guide has been born. I am passionate about women being all they were created to be and to release them from the fear of being inadequate and unacceptable (according to the ‘perfect standards’). I believe that every woman has unique gifts, value and purpose to offer her world. yes I applaud great health however women need to know ‘they are more than their body’. To be stirred and challenged into finding and developing this purpose is powerful. 


” I have heard it said that parents do not know the impact their baby will have on the world in years to come – I relate to that fact. Who knows the impact and positive change Great Health Guide will bring? My hope is that every single person who finds this magazine will be enriched and empowered. My hope is that all women will start to believe a different message – one that strengthens them instead of one that highlights their fears and insecurities.“


So let’s not just aim for great health for the sake of ourselves but to go beyond ourselves to make a difference – simply because we can.

This is for you, for your health and wellbeing … to be empowered.

Always remember … ‘you are more than your body’

Love Kath x


(Founder, Great Health Guide)